Sunday, September 19, 2010

When Saturn Ruled The World

A fantasy interpretation of when Saturn sat in our Celestial Pole circle c. 9600BC-9200BC and the effect it may have had on the Earth at the time. I get into researching electrical plasma effects from this event, I know, who’d guess..? It’s rather an interesting science because there is now new scientific evidence that Saturn’s magnetic plasma Aurora’s are extremely electric and NASA’s Cassini has just photographed Saturn’s Poles again and noticed a huge hexagonal Aurora, it holds mega amounts of electrical plasma.

Lightening is plasma charges and Zeus was very powerful. Myth is full of references to the power of the Earth and Heavens and after delving into this subject it’s interesting that Saturn sat at the top of the world at the time of the big melt 12,000 years ago. From this event man changed, beasts disappeared and memories of a time of creation arose, of a new world, when Gods created Gods and the Gods created man.

Saturn is also known as Cronus, father of the Greek Olympian Gods, the ancient God of fertility and the measure of time, when seasons were created and he was the most important God in the sky until the Clash of the Titans, bought down by his sons, Zeus, Poseidon and Hades as they took his place of power.

The Romans still saw Saturn as all important and celebrated Saturnalia, a celebration that lasted a week where during this time masters would become the slaves and the slave became the master, if just for a short time. Celebrating a time when a huge glowing ball was unmoved for over 400 years at the Pole, when the Earth flooded and divided, new lands and primordial mounds emerged from the water, men migrated around the world and animals had a new place in the circle of life.

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