Friday, May 21, 2010

Raven Madd about Ravenshoe!

Ever been to Ravenshoe? And no, that's not Raven Shoe, it's Ravens-hoe, bet you said Raven Shoe didn't you?? You're not the only one!

Ravenshoe is a warm, friendly, highland town up on the Atherton Tablelands, about 2 hours from Cairns and a wonderful place to visit and live. Without the muggy heat of the coast, Ravenshoe has been a hideaway for lots of people for many years and now it is being discovered, making it an ideal place to retire or just move away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Surrounded by tropical rainforest on one side and the gateway to the Savannah taking you over to the Gulf on the other, it offers many opportunities to see some great sights:

Check out the superb waterfalls, Little Millstream Falls is close to town and very pretty, with a walking track right up to the drop while Millstream Falls itself is Australia's widest waterfall, a spectacular sight in the wet.

See the wildlife and what a treat that is, possums galore and rare tree kangaroos live in the canopies while many unique birdlife and marsupials only found in this area inhabit the forests.

Visit the town centre and have lunch at the Cottage Cafe, filled with artworks for sale, have a coffee and lunch while there, dinner at the pubs is always value for money and lots of great shopping can be found, gifts in the Chemist have an Asian feel and just walking in makes you feel good.

Ride the Millstream Express, a restored steam train that is lovingly cared for by volunteers, making sure passengers enjoy their 30 minute trip out to Tumoulin, where scones and tea await you on a tea break stop, back to Ravenshoe for a round trip and lots of fun for the kids too!

Koombaloomba Dam offers everyone the chance to go boating or fishing, camping, swimming or just bush walking, drive down Tully Falls Road and don't forget to stop at Tully Gorge Lookout, checking out the spectacular drop to the gorge while having a lunchtime BBQ is well worth the while.

So much more can be found in the small town of Ravenshoe, with a Visitor's Centre that offers helpful advice, great accomodation from B & B's, the Kool Moon Motel and the local hotels, camping or farm-stay, we have it all up here so pack your bags, jump in the car and take a drive, up to the unique little town of Ravenshoe, that's Ravens-hoe - not Raven Shoe...just so you know.