Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sales at

Have you Zazzled yet? Zazzle is a brilliant website created for anyone to design everything from T-shirts, hats, shoes, ties, mugs, pet items, aprons, bags and so many more things!

I sold a T-shirt this week on Zazzle and it is the 2nd T-shirt I have sold!! With so many things for sale I feel very lucky to have sold some of my T-shirts. Check out my Shop for some great buys!
The website offers so many wonderful goodies available, all 28, 552, 497, 861 of them! Easy to buy, no need to move from your seat, browse the incredible array of specially created merchandise available at, you won't regret it!

Zazzle Sales!

Hello everyone reading this new entry - I was really pleased to have sold a shirt on Zazzle this week, in fact, this is the 2nd T-shirt that I've sold on the Zazzle website!!

I love creating works for sale on Zazzle nearly as much as Red Bubble and must do some more very soon, with so many creations on there selling 2 shirts is a bonus!

This is a selection of some of my items for sale on Zazzle and I intend to add many more cool items soon, hats, mugs, mousepads, pet items, key rings, aprons, bags, shoes, you name, you can make it on Zazzle!